Research Sponsors:

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 Educational Sponsors:


 Technical Sponsors:



Prof. Yu Wang, Tsinghua University

Dr. Xiaobin Wang, Avalanche Technology

Dr. Qing Wu, U.S. Air Force Research Lab

Dr. Stanley Williams, HP Labs

Prof. Weng-Fai Wong, National University of Singapore

Dr. Haiwen Xi, Western Digital

Prof. Yuan Xie, University of California, Santa Barbara

Prof. Chun (Jason) Xue, City University of Hong Kong

Prof. Huazhong Yang, Tsinghua University

Dr. Jianhua Yang, HP Labs

Prof. Sungjoo Yoo, POSTECH

Prof. Tong Zhang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Prof. Wei Zhang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Prof. Weisheng Zhao, French National Center for Scientific Research

Dr. Hucheng Zhou, Microsoft Research Asia

Dr. Wenzhong Zhu, Seagate Technology

And many of our colleagues from University of Pittsburgh.