Spintronic Memory and Logic Research

Recently, the giant spin-hall effect (GSHE) as a phenomenon that occurs in metals with large atomic weights has raised significant attention in magnetic memory and logic development. More specific, in metals with large atomic weights, electrons with different spins are deflected in different sideways directions. Consequently, applying a charge current can generate a flow of spin angular momentum transverse to the charge flow. The objective of this project includes developing the GSHE device model based on the measurement data provided by Qualcomm Inc. and investigating the new memory and logic design by leveraging the new device.


Senior Personnel: Prof. Hai (Helen) Li (PI) and Prof. Yiran Chen (co-PI)
Sponsors: Qualcomm Inc. (Gift)
Team Members: Enes Eken and Yaojun Zhang
Collaborators: Dr. Wenqing Wu, Qualcomm Inc.
 Starting Date:  05/01/2014

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