NVSim-VX: Variation Aware Emerging Nonvolatile Memory Simulator

Smartphones and tablets become the horsepower of electronic industry. OLED display panels, which are recently introduced to mainstream mobile devices, contribute to the largest portion of the power consumption of a mobile device among all components. Power management of OLED panel remains one of the major challenges in the design. In this project, a hybrid OLED power management scheme is designed to complement the efforts of panel manufacturers on OLED emitting efficiency improvement, narrow down the gap between the rapidly growing demand for system energy and the slow battery capacity improvement, and accelerate the adoption of OLED technology.

The objective of the research is developing an integrated HVP (human-vision perception) retaining OLED power management scheme (named “OREO”): At application level, a dynamic OLED power model is created for video applications and a display content classification scheme is developed upon the OLED panel power characters of specific video contents. Dynamic tone mapping (DTM) technique is also developed to adjust the color profile of the video content according to the classified category for OLED panel power saving. At hardware level, a dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) friendly OLED driver is designed to minimize the color distortion under supply voltage variations. Peripheral circuit designs for reliability enhancements, i.e., process variation and aging effect tolerance, are also studied. At system level, the strategies of applying DVS scheme under both spatial and temporal constraints as well as color compensation technique are explored. Existing curricula and pedagogy are enhanced by integrating interdisciplinary modules inspired from the research outcomes.

Senior Personnel: Prof. Yiran Chen (PI)
Sponsors: 49th Design Automation Conference A. Richard Newton Scholarship
Team Members: Wujie Wen 
Collaborators: Prof. Yuan Xie, University of California, Santa Barbara
Performance Date: 06/01/2012 – 05/31/2014

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W. Wen, Y. Zhang, Y. Chen, Y. Wang, and Y. Xie, “PS3-RAM: A Fast, Portable and Scalable Statistical STT-RAM Reliability Analysis Method,” Design Automation Conference (DAC), Jun. 2012, pp. 1191-1196. DOI: 10.1145/2228360.2228580.download-icon

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