Koalakollar: Squad Tracking and Isolation Event Alert System

The split-second decisions and oversights of friendly forces is the leading cause of the creation of isolated, missing, detained, or captured (IMDC) personnel in the United States military [1]. Even after an isolation incident occurs, it can be some time before it is recognized that the individual or individuals in question are not accounted for, and for the issue to be reported. Our technology, the KoalaKollar, seeks to automatically and immediately notify a commanding officer when an isolation incident has occurred so that swift action may be taken to reduce the chance of requiring a costly personnel recovery operation. The system consists of a KoalaHub worn by a squad commander, the KoalaTransponders worn by each other squad member, and the KoalaTracker device used by the squad commander view the status and relative location of other squad members. If a squad member?s KoalaTranspoder ceases to respond, an isolation event has occurred and the commander is immediately informed, in addition to being presented with the last known location (relative to him/her) of the now IMDC individual.

Senior Personnel: James Lyle (Primary Advisor), and Yiran Chen (Advisor)
Sponsors: Cornell Cup USA 2013
Team Members: Kent W. Nixon, Xiang Chen, Fan Mi, Ping Lang, and Natalie Janosik
Collaborators: William E. Mcgahey, University of Pittsburgh
Start Date: 2013
End Date: 2013
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